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About JCCM

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Jewish Community Crisis Management (JCCM) provides a professional and coordinated, community-wide approach to crisis resilience: preparedness, response, relief, and recovery, with strong governance oversight.


JCCM does this by leveraging the lived experience and existing expertise within community, through strong relationships, and by building influence at all levels. JCCM is operated by a small team of professional staff, with a surge capability that includes crisis, disaster and emergency management experts, and community leaders and representatives. 

JCCM is apolitical and works equally for the benefit of all Victorian Jewish Community members irrespective of religious and political association, nationality, geography, age, ability, gender, and socioeconomic status.

JCCM adheres to the Australiasian Interagency Incident Management System (AIIMS) and structures all plans to align with State and Municipal Emergency Management Plans for smooth integration into government lead operations when active.

Pillars of Service
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Collectively, these two pillars serve to enhance individual

crisis resilience, and empower a sense of crisis readiness

and self-reliance in the Victorian Jewish Community. This is the community coming together so that no one is left behind, and to facilitate a speedy and efficient recovery to our usual way of life.

Organisation-Level Crisis Management

Crisis management capability building for community organisations, through the preparation and training of individualised crisis management plans, and direct support and consultation during response, relief and recovery phases.

Community-Wide Crisis Management

Preparation, maintenance, training, activation and operation of the Victorian Jewish Community Crisis Management Plan (VJCCMP), which outlines the response, relief and recovery staging for community-wide crisis.

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